2023 Race Entrants


Atlantic Rowmad (UK)
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Hullabaloo (UK)
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Totally Oardacious (UK)
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Handsatlantic (NL)
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Wave Wrangler (UK)
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Aim for the Ocean (FR)
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Team: Atlantic Rowmad (UK)

Number: (1)
Rower: Jamie Howard
Country: UK
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: Open Seas & Nass
Website: Coming Soon!

In 2019 I witnessed TWAC rowers arrive at English Harbour, Antigua, and I knew then that I wanted to do that too one day! I will be 67 years of age at the start line with my wonderful family being fully supportive of this ambition of mine. I have decided to row solo as I don’t feel I can put anyone through the stress of being cooped up in a small boat with me for 2 months or so! The sea has played a huge role in my life having been brought up and lived most of my life on the two small islands of Gometra and Ulva on the West Coast of Scotland. My Father taught me to row shortly after I learned to walk, or so it seemed. The sea, in those days, was brimming with fish and wildlife. I have vivid memories of pods of Orcas, leaping dolphins, and friendly porpoises. Sadly there has been a huge degradation in the bio-diversity of our Seas and Oceans since those days of plenty and that makes me very sad. I have therefore decided to try to do something to raise awareness, and funds, for not only the Marine Charity, Openseas.org, but also NASS (National Axial Spondyloarthritis Society). I currently suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), a Chronic Arthritic condition, which in my case has resulted in fusing in my neck and lower spine. However, this does not stop me from enjoying my passions of ski-mountaineering, long-distance walking, scuba diving and, of course, boating. I now want to prove to myself and others that it is possible to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic with AS. Openseas.org (www.openseas.org.uk) is a wonderful marine charity based in Scotland. The team monitors the health of our seas and lobbies Government for changes and oversight of Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s) around the coast of Scotland. NASS (www.nass.co.uk) is an equally wonderful charity offering support, and information, for AS sufferers, while working to raise awareness of the condition generally to the wider public and with the UK Government. I cannot wait to get out onto the Atlantic Ocean, help these two charities, and be an inspiration to my gorgeous Grandchildren, and our future.

Team: Hullabaloo (UK)

Number: (2)
Rower: Michael Hull
Country: UK
Boat Design: R25
Charity: Hospiscare & South West Coast Path Association
Website: oceanhullabaloo.com

Good day to you all. Why do I wish to do this amazing row? I find this a difficult question because in my head it reads why wouldn’t you want to do this amazing row? People often ask why am I doing it solo and not part of a team? Well if you ask my wife she would say I can be a tad grumpy so perhaps solo is best! I have chosen to support two charities Hospicare and The South West Coast Path. Hospiscare who provide support to people living with a life-limiting illness. Hospiscare is there to help, whether you have cancer, heart disease or any other terminal illness. They support more than 2,000 adults every year, across Exeter, Mid and East Devon. The South West Coast Path are the charity looking after the UK’s longest and best-loved National Trail. They believe everyone should have access to the South West Coast Path as a place to connect to nature, relax, exercise, and take time away from the stresses of daily life.

Team: Totally Oardacious (UK)

Number: (3)
Rower: Victoria Jeffs
Country: UK
Boat Design: R10
Charity: Youth Adventure Trust and Cyclists Fighting Cancer
Website: totallyoardacious.com – Coming in Summer 2021

Life goes quickly and the age of 56 seems like the right time to row the Atlantic. I sponsored a team back in 2016 and have followed the race every year since although truth be told I was smitten with adventures in the water after reading Swallows and Amazons as a child. My interest stepped up a notch when I watched Ellen McArthur’s sailing exploits and I remember then wishing I could enjoy such adventures but at the time I was a busy working Mom and didn’t think adventures like this were an option for someone like me. Now seems like the perfect time.

As it currently stands, according to Guinness World Records once I get to Antigua I’ll be the oldest SOLO female to EVER row the Atlantic – now if that’s not motivation to get to the other side, I don’t know what is!

I like to think I’m reasonably fit, I’ve already completed 2 Ironman races, in Sweden and New Zealand and am doing Copenhagen in August 2022, so I’m confident I’ve got some endurance, however this will be on a whole new level!

My motivation? Well, I became a Grandmother in 2021 and my perspective in life has changed a lot, and having seen the incredible work that my two charities address, the goal is to raise money for them both to enable them to continue the fantastic work they do. Two small charities making a very big difference.

Youth Adventure Trust – works with vulnerable young people from 11-16 to unlock their potential and lead positive lives in the future. They deliver mentoring to support mental health in a positive way through their unique Youth Adventure Programme and this is a genuinely life changing opportunity, giving young people the chance to build resilience, develop confidence and learn skills that will last a lifetime.

Cyclists Fighting Cancer – works to help children and young people living with cancer across the UK regain their physical fitness, strength, mental wellness and confidence by giving them new bikes, specially adapted trikes, tandems, other equipment and support. They are passionate about sharing the benefits of exercise and activity for people living with and beyond cancer.

Team: Handsatlantic (NL)

Number: (4)
Rower: Mel Eissens
Country: Netherlands
Boat Design: R10
Charity: TBC
Website: Coming Soon!

In 2019, I got involved in a research project “trigger fingers in Ocean Rowers”. With the research team, Hand Surgeons and Hand Therapists, we headed off to la Gomera early December 2019 to start the project. The moment we arrived, feeling the excitement, and talking to the rowers, I was hooked, and it never left my mind… so here we are… As it currently looks like, I will be the first female solo rower from the Netherlands, although I might be slightly cheating as I now live in Switzerland and have lived in the UK before that. I have been working as a hand therapist for over 20 years and am extremely passionate about this specialized profession, hence my team’s name and the charity. Interplast shares medical knowledge, treatment, and experience with under-resourced communities around the world. Hand surgery, and subsequently hand therapy, is a big part of this. All over the world, people suffer from diseases that leave bad scars and disfigurements. Accidents involving burns or animal bites are also very common. Children suffer the most and often have to bear the consequences for the rest of their lives. In many crisis areas, people become victims of violent conflicts. For children in particular, these attacks are traumatising and without appropriate treatment they can make a normal life impossible. The INTERPLAST surgical teams are experienced plastic surgeons, anaesthetists, operating theatre nurses and therapists who go to crisis areas in their spare time, free of charge, and operate on and treat people in need. In this way, children in particular can be helped to lead a dignified life that would otherwise be denied to them.

Team: Wave Wrangler (UK)

Number: (5)
Rower: Elliot Awin
Country: UK
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: The British Heart Foundation
Website: wavewrangler.co.uk

Following my battle with various arrythmias, finally resulting in the implantation of a (CRT-P) pacemaker, taking part in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, Wave Wrangler will provide a platform for raising funds for the British Heart Foundation, as well as bring awareness to a newly formed online platform for anyone living with an arrythmia to share stories and experiences.

Team: Aim for the Ocean (FR)

Number: (6)
Rower: Dominique Meynadier
Country: France
Boat Design: R10
Charity: Heart Sport and Health
Website: aimfortheocean.com

I have always been passionate about sport ; it was a press article that made me want to tackle this amazing Atlantic oar crossing. I played handball and rugby. I practice water and winter sports such as windsurfing, snowboarding, and ski mountaineering. Road and mountain cycling, motocross are also part of my life, and for 25 years, extreme endurance sports like ultra trail running and cycling have been essential to me.

I’m proud to finish these extreme endurance races, sometimes in very good positions, thanks only to my personal physical and mental preparation.

I’m 56 years old and I need to keep on dreaming. Surely I am lucky to be in good physical condition, I feel great motivation for this new extraordinary sport challenge.

Of course, I realize that preparation in new areas like navigation and rowing are vital, but everything is possible if you work your heart out : I strongly believe in this project.

I do not idealize this crossing at all, but I consider it as an amazing moment within an amazing environment. It will be a privilege to be part of the race and I intend to make the most of it every second.

I have chosen to sponsor the ” heart sport and health ” charity, which supports people with heart failure. I experienced a cardiovascular incident myself without any after-effects, and it allowed me to understand the importance of good physical condition. Willpower is also vital. That is what this association strives to bring : to put patients in motion, gradually, to give them the pleasure of the effort for a sustainable behaviour. My past and this goal of crossing can bring positive images to patients and help them in their efforts.

This race will in any case be a real moment of sharing with the association but also with others participants, all organization menbers, my team, my friends and my family.


Atlantic Bro-ing (IRL)
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Not Today (DE)
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For Better Oar Worse (UK & CYM)
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Atlantic Sixties (NL)
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Seas the Moments (UK)
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Oarmighty Mates (UK)
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The Noarsmen (DK & UK)
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The Worcester Buoys (UK)
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Spirit of Hospitality (UK)
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Oarspicious Sea Dogs (UK)
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Atlantic Dreamers (UK)
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Last Oarders (UK)
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A Salty Journey (NL)
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Team: Atlantic Bro-ing (IRL)

Number: (7)
Rower: Andrew Breen & Eamon Breen
Country: Ireland
Boat Design: R25
Charity: Make a Wish Ireland & First Light
Website: atlanticbroing.com

This row has been a dream of Andrew’s for many years now. Although I (Eamon) am new to rowing, it has been a passion on Andrew’s for at least a decade now. Andrew commented about his dream on a facebook post back in November about a team preparing to do the crossing… and I replied saying “sure I’ll do it with you….” So that’s where are now 🙂 Make A Wish Ireland – this charity to close to me as I have raised previous funds for them. I am also a member of a running who are in the middle of a fundraising event for them (run from Dublin to Donegal) which has been postponed since April 2020 thanks to Covid19. The son (Seimi) of one of the lads died from a brain tumour before he was able to have his wish granted. MAW do amazing work in putting some fun into special peoples lives at the time they need it most First Light – this is a charity that supports families who have been impacted by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (cotdeath). This is close to us as our oldest brother, Rory, died ages 10 weeks. It was obviously a very tough time for our Mam and Dad back then, as Rory was the first child in the family – another 5 have following since. As you’ll see from the team name, we have a major brother/family element in the challenge and what could be better than to name the boat Rory and to honour him with a donation to help other families experiencing the same difficulties

Team: Not Today (DE)

Number: (8)
Rower: Daniel Schleicher & Janik Prottung
Country: Germany
Boat Design: R25
Charity: Bali Children’s Project
Website: nottodayrow.com

Hey, we are Janik and Danny! We graduated from the same high school in Germany in 2012. Today Janik lives in Munich Germany, Danny in Jakarta Indonesia. After years of sporadic contact, we reconnected in Bali in 2019. That’s when this crazy idea first came up. Exploring oneself is the elixir for personal development and change. What better way to do this than while rowing an ocean. Being divers, we have both spent a tiny bit of time on the open sea. This is the ultimate test. We are both ready to tackle a new adventure! Oh, and yes, we’ve heard about the dangers. But why not? Why not row 3000 miles across the Atlantic? Why Not Today? TWAC 2023 – Bring it on! Education is king. The more educated the world is, the better we can cope with future challenges such as climate change, digitisation and human rights. We want to support children from all over the world – starting in Bali. Giving children the chance for a better education ultimately increases the chances of humankind. With the help of our donors we will be able to renovate schools and libraries in rural Bali

Team: For Better Oar Worse (UK & CYM)

Number: (9)
Rower: Mark and Dani Jones
Country: Uk, Wales
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: Access Sport
Website: forbetteroarworse.com

We are Mark and Dani Jones a married couple, who have found our next mad adventure by signing up to the TWAC 2023. We have over come many obstacles that life has thrown at us, but together we have over come them all and which each one we have grown stronger as a couple. We are not professional rowers, but we are sport mad, it was our love of sport that bought us together as a couple. This is why one of our chosen charities is Access sport. Sport is such a powerful tool, it can boost confidence, help people overcome loneliness and improve physical and mental health issues. We believe everyone, no matter their backgrounds should have access to sport and Access sport provided so many people the opportunity to participate in a variety of sporting events. We will also be raising funds for our local area including our children’s school. The hardest part of for both if us will be leaving our two young children behind, but we want to inspire our children to follow their dreams and over come all that life has to throw at them. “Because all dreams are just the other side of fear, we just need the courage to take the journey”. So TWAC 2023.. Here we come, bring it on! “

Team: Atlantic Sixties (NL)

Number: (10)
Rower: Kees Verweel & Paul Van Der Linde
Country: Netherlands
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: Plastic Soup Foundation, The Ocean Cleanup and Spieren Voor Spieren
Website: atlanticsixties.com

Both Paul and Kees (1963) have a very long rowing career, and participated in lots of lifeboat & whaler races in The Netherlands as well as other countries. Both Paul and Kees do have one big dream on their bucket list; rowing across an ocean! In the year they will be 60 years old their dream will come true! Team Atlantic Sixties is on route for their biggest challenge in life; TWAC2023 During our Challenge we raise as much money as possible for three charities close to our hearts. Both in our work and private life, we are involved in the environment, sustainability and the necessary step towards a circular economy. And on a completely different note, although at least as important, every child must be physically able to be a child, meaning able to play and exercise. That is why we are very happy to support Plastic Soup Foundation, The Ocean Cleanup and Spieren voor Spieren

Team: Seas the Moments (UK)

Number: (11)
Rower: David Ferrier & Garry Hoyle
Country: UK
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: RNLI
Website: seasthemoments.co.uk

We have been lucky to have worked all our adult lives from leaving school at 16 and have taken the decision independently to retire from full time employment when we turn 60 and 61 respectively in 2023. We both don’t see retirement as the end of an era or a time to simply dwell on our past achievements but the beginning of the next big thing and an opportunity to make new memories. As we have remained sporty and healthy throughout our lives, we have talked for some time about marking the occasion with an appropriate challenge….and why not the world’s toughest row. As a charity, the RNLI depend on public support to help them meet the cost of saving lives at sea. Their volunteer lifesavers give their time for free, but they need training, well-maintained equipment, lifeboats and shore facilities. As we have both lived, worked and played near the sea or waterways our entire lives, we have seen first-hand the sterling and selfless work that these volunteers do for the community. When discussing the countless good charities available to support we kept coming back to the RNLI as it embodies the philosophy and ethos that we both value, namely trustworthy, courageous and dependable.

Team: Oarmighty Mates (UK)

Number: (12)
Rower: Andy Purvis & Stuart Hatcher
Country: UK
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: Calm and the Sporting Memories Foundation
Website: Coming Soon!

Stuart – Hi Everyone my name is Stuart I’m 47 now but due to entering the TWAC2023 I will be celebrating my 50th somewhere in the Atlantic with one of my best buddies. I’m not an expert sea adventurer, but I do have a huge passion for the outdoors and endurance, so I guess if you think about it this is a combination of both just on an epic scale. But it’s not on the sea where you’d normally find me (especially in the months from December – February) because my biggest passion is Skiing! You’d find me blasting down mountains in powder, and out of season I’d be sitting round a fishing lake followed by a night round the campfire before sleeping under the stars. My love and passion for endurance racing doesn’t come from running ultra marathons or triathlons but it’s Motorsport. So what could I say when one of my best mates asked me to compete in the TWAC2023 with him, a race that combines both of my passions. I didn’t even give it a second thought I WAS IN! The sea has always been a happy and calming place for me from a young age, and that is why the challenge of rowing the Atlantic in aid of CALM and The Sporting Memories Foundation. Mental Health is something I have personal experience of and I hold charities like this close to my heart. Also after the year we have had, I don’t think Mental Health has been more prominent in peoples lives, and is being talked about more and more. Not only will be raising money for a very special charity, I also get to spend a couple of months at sea with someone who I know will keep me motivated, focused and will make me laugh when it’s all starts to feel a little too much. So just like life, the journey from now, as I write this sitting in my kitchen April 2021 until that moment when we finally row into English harbour in Antigua in February 2024 will be one to remember forever. I am so excited to go on this journey, to learn new skills and make some incredible memories. Please help and support us in raising money for this incredible charity. Andy – Hi my names Andy and I will be 60 a few weeks before the start of TWAC2023. Like my buddy Stuart I have always loved the outdoors and extreme activities. My hobbies include Skiing & Scuba diving and I have also skydived among several other extreme activities. My passion is however running having completed many half and full marathons. Rowing the Atlantic will however prove to be the ultimate challenge and we are both excited and honoured to have the opportunity to fulfil an achievement of a lifetime whilst raising money for such a fantastic cause. We are both very lucky to have super supportive families who will encourage us at all times on the wonderful journey ahead.

Team: The Noarsmen (DK & UK)

Number: (13)
Rower: Simon Floyer & Sander Palmqvist
Country: Denmark, UK
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: Young Minds
Website: Coming Soon!

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure” (William Feather)
So why do we want to row an ocean? Adventure. As teachers, this is our chance to inspire the students we teach, inspire young minds to understand that humans are capable of amazing things. We want these children to know that even when it is hard, there is triumph and joy at the end as long as you keep focused, keep dreaming, and strive to do great things. Are we ocean rowers? Nope. Are we mad? Perhaps. Do we plan on making the unimaginable possible by rowing across the Atlantic? You bet!
So why YoungMinds? No one predicted the pandemic that would ravage our way of life and subsequently our mental health. We have seen first hand the impact lockdowns and isolation from friends has had on children and their mental health. YoungMinds will be leading the charge to support our children, giving them a voice, whilst we battle through the aftermath of these difficult times. YoungMinds is helping to brighten the light.
This is the adventure.

Team: The Worcester Buoys (UK)

Number: (14)
Rower: Matt Bladen & George Farmiloe
Country: UK
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: Acorns
Website: Coming Soon!

In the depths of the pandemic, with just a drop of whisky remaining, two overgrown boys shook hands and sealed their fate. On that dark Christmas night, it was decided they would face their greatest challenge yet – the Atlantic Ocean. This story begins 11 years ago, when Matt and George first rowed together at school. In the years since, they have formed an unbreakable bond, a bond of brothers, the true test of which is yet to come. George loves to take on a challenge, however unprepared, as shown to a crowd of a thousand onlookers during his university boxing debut. Matt has a similar penchant for risk (despite his shocking injury record), and regularly competes at a high level in club rowing. Worcester born and bred, they bleed Worcestershire sauce. Make no mistake, these buoys aren’t just here to make up the numbers. We’re here to have an unforgettable experience, redefine our limits, and raise a huge amount of money for a great cause close to our hearts.

Team: Spirit of Hospitality (UK)

Number: (15)
Rower: Chris Mitchell & Robbie Laidlaw
Country: UK
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: Hospitality Action
Website: Coming Soon!

The hospitality industry is built upon a strong community spirit, and this spirit was damaged during the fallout of the pandemic with waves of redundancies sweeping the sector. Hospitality Action support people facing mental health challenges, something we understand the importance of, and want to support throughout our Atlantic campaign. The Spirit of Hospitality is a fitting name for our journey. Built upon generosity, cheerfulness and fun, our campaign brings together an industry that has suffered greatly, to achieve one important goal, the support of Hospitality Action and the vital work they do. From our lives working within the Contract Catering sector, we have partnered with some inspirational sponsors to help us achieve our fundraising goal of £100,000. Our campaign is being supported by some of the best chefs in the UK, who have kindly sponsored us with the creation of meals and snacks that will keep us going throughout the trip, and that we will share with our followers throughout the campaign. Suppliers, farmers, and producers have offered their support through sponsorship, helping to make our fundraising goal a reality. The Atlantic challenge is branded as “the world’s toughest row” and is a long way from the comforts of the industry we know and love. The tremendous power and support from the sector fuels our ambition, and with it we will cross the Atlantic ocean. Chris and Robbie

Team: Oarspicious Sea Dogs (UK)

Number: (16)
Rower: James Collette & Robert Harman
Country: UK
Boat Design: R25
Charity: Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)
Website: www.oarspiciousseadogs.co.uk

We have known each other for around 20 years, bought together by a mutual passion for challenging ourselves both physically and mentally. With a friendship built on getting out into the great outdoors, physical training and a love of good food, we decided to take on the challenge of rowing across the Atlantic in order to push ourselves to the ultimate limit.
Mental health problems are not biased and can affect everyone in different ways. No one person’s problems or solutions are ever the same and having witnessed friends, family and colleagues dealing with challenges at home, within social groups and in the work place, we want to use the power and exposure of the Talisker Atlantic Challenge to raise mental health awareness and support our chosen charity CALM.
Team: Atlantic Dreamers (UK)

Number: (17)
Rower: Kirsten Bennett and Helen Maguire
Country: UK
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: Manchester Mind
Website: atlanticdreamers.com

Hi, we’re Kirsten and Helen, complete rowing novices with a thirst for adventure. We’ve always acknowledged how fundamentally important sport and activity is to our own lives and lockdown has reinforced that our own wellbeing relies on keeping active. Kirsten loves a challenge, her love for cycling came many years ago when, before buying a bike, signed up to cycle to Paris. Since then she has gone onto pedal thousands of miles in Europe and the UK. She also takes part in triathlon and has completed an 70.3 Ironman. Helen has completed ultra-marathons and trekked up to Everest Base Camp in 2019. Helen’s ‘can do’ attitude will serve her well when rowing the 3000 miles across the Atlantic. Our friendship blossomed at law school and after many years of watching each other grow professionally and personally, we feel the time is right to take some time out and embark on an adventure together which will push our mental and physical limits and be the ultimate test to our friendship. In our professional lives Helen and I both come across clients finding things hard emotionally. These experiences have spurred us on to support the charity ‘Manchester Mind’. Through our rowing efforts we intend to raise funds for Manchester Mind so that fewer people will face mental health problems alone.

Team: Last Oarders (UK)

Number: (18)
Rower: Stuart Pearce and Amy Fallon
Country: UK
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: TBC
Website: lastoarders.co.uk

Both opting to study the same geology degree, Stuart and Amy met in 2011 at the University of Plymouth Freshers Week. Sessions down the pub, a shared fondness of Lord of The Rings and to a lesser degree – our degree, brought us together as good friends; a friendship which has continued to this day.

It was Stuart who first brought up the subject to Amy of competing in Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge over several bottles of wine, to which her reaction was “Why not?”. Both being the youngest of 3 and having an innate competitiveness, this is the ultimate test of just how far we can push ourselves.

Amy is by far the most experienced rower, with 18 years under her belt to Stuart’s 2 years but neither has tried ocean rowing before. It is a challenge we are both very much looking forward to and we are both very excited to start this amazing journey!

Team: A Salty Journey (NL)

Number: (19)
Rower: Iris Overdevest & Bea Palant
Country: Netherlands
Boat Design: Dor12
Charity: TBC
Website: a-salty-journey.com

Only those who risk going too far, can possibly find out how far they can go – T.S. Eliot –

It is exactly that what makes us want to take part in this brutal 4800 km challenge. How far can we train ourselves, physically and mentally? How far can we push ourselves until we reach -or even go over- our limits?

Adventure is what brought us (Bea and Iris) together; both always ready to engage in another quest and to chase the next dream on the horizon. This salty journey will definitely be the most epic expedition we have ever undertaken. We’re not -experienced- rowers at all, but as energized and excited as we are, we’re always going full throttle.

By combining our shared love for life, nature and adventure we hope to use this epic undertaking as an opportunity to raise awareness for environmental issues. During the crossing we expect to get closer to the water and the life it contains than we have ever been before; both the beautiful and the imposing parts of it. We’ll test our own resilience and put ourselves at the mercy of the ocean and hopefully we can use this experience and new understanding to in return support and aid to nature’s own resilience and endurance.

It will be a hard challenge, undertaken with many shared laughs and tears. We are confident that this salty journey will be a worthy test of our own perseverance and limits.

The ocean is calling!


Row and Ripple (UK)
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The Marlin Monroe’s (NL)
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Team Excelsioar (UK)
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Team: Row and Ripple (UK)

Number: (20)
Rower: Molly Cooper, Louise Cox & Dayna Williams
Country: UK
Boat Design: R45
Charity: Mind + Beat
Website: rowandripple.co.uk

Coming Soon!

Team: The Marlin Monroe’s (NL)

Number: (21)
Rower: Anique Van Walsum, Brenda Franken & Pauline Hogetoorn
Country: Netherlands
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: Justdiggit
Website: themarlinmonroes.nl

A team of 3 friends, we share a love for freedom and adventure. We also share a concern for the threat of climate change and are committed to raise funds and awareness for Justdiggit with every mile we row- because there is no planet B.

Let’s stop irreversible damage to the planet that sustains us.

Justdiggit is on a mission to restore and re-green an area of Africa twice the size of Europe, because a greener land makes a cooler planet for all of us.

Team: Team Excelsioar (UK)

Number: (22)
Rower: Caroline Hague, Rachel Smillie & Nicki Kelly
Country: UK
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: Dash & Thames Hospice
Website: teamexcelsioar.com

We are all members of Eton Excelsior rowing club and train together on the stretch of water between Maidenhead and Windsor. We are all driven to push ourselves and achieve things that maybe at first seem slightly beyond what people may see as possible. Another member of the club has recently come back from completing the challenge himself and whilst he was training we started the could we, should we, type conversations which finally turned into a yes we should, let’s just get on and do it type conversation. As a group of women, we are not shy of a challenge – individually we have run marathons, rafted down white water, climbed mountains etc and we know that we can and will support each other through this amazing challenge. DASH is clearly a charity that supports women to be the best they can be and encourages them to stand firm in the face of adversity. We all work with young people in our real lives and at our rowing club and know the effect unhealthy relationships can have both on the individuals and on their extended families. DASH is a charity that many turn to in their hour of need and we want to support DASH to carry on their amazing work. We must stand firm against any abuse within relationships and through our challenge we hope to highlight the work of DASH whilst raising funds for the charity. Thames hospice is a charity close to our hearts. I don’t think there is anyone whose lives have not been touched in some way by cancer and the support of organisations such as hospices is vital when individuals and their families are going through the toughest of times. Palliative care is essential so that people can find dignity and peace in the darkest of moments. Thames hospice is a local charity and we hope to help support its profile in the community.


Team Oarmighty (CYM)
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She Roars (SCT)
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Ace of Blades (UK)
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Salty Science (USA & CA)
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Fourmidable (UK)
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HMS Oardacious (UK)
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Blue Atlantics (NL)
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Intrepid 232 (UK)
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Team Marduk (UK)
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Team: Team Oarmighty (CYM)

Number: (23)
Rower: William Collingwood-bell, Samantha Owen, Che Owen & Ross Parry
Country: Wales
Boat Design: Rossiter 4
Charity: TBC
Website: Coming Soon!

We are a team of four rowers from Cardigan Bay in beautiful West Wales. William, Sam and Che are passionate Sea Rowers and have rowed for a number of years, competing in various challenges around Europe. Ross is new to the sport of Sea Rowing but is dedicated and eager to learn new skills. The TWAC race is something the team have talked about for a long time, we love the water and love training so we are delighted to have secured our place for the 2023 TWAC Race!

Team: She Roars (SCT)

Number: (24)
Rower: Sabrina Simpson, Andrea Wilson, Leanne Maiden & Kimberly Runciman
Country: Scotland
Boat Design: R45
Charity: Women’s Fund for Scotland & The Polar Academy
Website: she-roars.com

Our why, is reflected in who we are as a team, being motivated and challenge driven with equality and specifically empowerment of women and girls being at the forefront of our minds. We are also very proud to be Scottish (2 native, 2 naturalised) and want to use this opportunity to show off our beautiful country and friendly people at every opportunity. We have chosen to partner with Women’s Fund Scotland as the charity helps a diverse range of grassroots projects that greatly benefit the communities in which we live and work. There are over 500 projects supported by the charity across Scotland and at any given time you are no more than 50miles from a funded project. We are also supporting The Black Mambas APU (www.blackmambas.org) and their sister project The Bush Babies Environmental Education Program founded and managed by Transfrontier Africa NPC We are supporting this charity as Leanne grew up in South Africa and we all love the empowerment, education and community aspects of their delivery. The Black Mambas project aims to empower African women to protect wildlife, with an all Women’s anti poaching unit. The Bush Babies Educational program aims to help local children and adults to understand the environmental impacts of sand mining, plastic pollution, animal abuse, water pollution, etc.

Team: Ace of Blades (UK)

Number: (25)
Rower: Liz Watson, Grace Pybus, Katherine Windsor & Laura Langton
Country: UK
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: Macmillan, Outward Bound and Prostate Cymru
Website: Coming Soon!

We are four women with one goal: to row across the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Individually, we all want to test and explore what we are made of. United by a sense of adventure and unafraid of a challenge, we have come together to take on this incredible journey. We are raising money for three charities that have either helped the crew personally, or those close to us: – Outward Bound helps young people to build confidence and resilience – Prostate Cymru supports men in Wales with benign prostate disease and prostate cancer – Macmillian provides emotional, physical and financial support to people diagnosed with cancer and their families These causes are the driving force behind our journey and we couldn’t be prouder to be supporting them and raising awareness of their work. Underpinning all of this, we recognise the importance of making our journey as sustainable as possible. We look forward to drawing on the experience of others to help us achieve this, and to sharing what we learn. We hope all those adventurous souls out there will follow our journey, and perhaps be inspired to take on their own adventures in the future.

Team: Salty Science (USA & CA)

Number: (26)
Rower: Chantale Bégin, Noelle Helder, Isabelle Côté & Lauren Shea
Country: Canada, USA
Boat Design: R45
Charity: Bamfield Marine Science Centre, Green Wave & Shellback Expeditions
Website: saltyscience.org

We are three generations of marine scientists, connected through marine research and education. Isabelle, a marine ecologist at Simon Fraser University, was Chantale’s PhD advisor and had a big impact on her ideas in marine ecology and conservation. Noelle and Lauren met while studying coral reef ecology during a field course in Curaçao – that was taught by Chantale! Our paths have all remained intertwined over the years, united by a passion for marine conservation. We have committed our lives to understanding, protecting, and sharing our passion for the ocean. All of us love adventures of all sorts, and competing in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge is one adventurous way for us to draw attention to ocean protection, and to support the people and organizations on the front lines of the fight for our ocean. We are splitting our fundraising efforts three ways, which reflects our team’s origins and experiences: some of us are Canadian, some of us are American, so we wanted to support charities based in both of our home countries. But also, we’ve all spent a lot of time working in the Eastern Caribbean, and with the race ending in Antigua we feel strongly that our efforts should also raise funds for marine conservation efforts in the West Indies. More specifically, we aim to raise at least $300,000 for marine conservation organizations, split evenly between the Bamfield Marine Science Center in Canada to support a scholarship fund for students of underrepresented minorities to complete courses and research in marine conservation, Green Wave—a non-profit based in Connecticut (USA) dedicated to sustainable ocean farming, and Shellback Expeditions—a non-profit started by Chantale and colleagues dedicated to marine conservation projects in the Eastern Caribbean.

Team: Fourmidable (UK)

Number: (27)
Rower: Austin Schwarz, John Murphy, Tom Wire & Tom Dove
Country: UK
Boat Design: R45
Charity: TBC
Website: Coming Soon!

I think we are all interested in finding our limit. For some of us this may be the only opportunity to really challenge ourselves. For others this is just one of a long list of events we have participated in. More than just a test of endurance I think the row will test our mental fortitude as well as our ability to adapt and overcome as a team.

Team: HMS Oardacious (UK)

Number: (28)
Rower: Classified
Country: UK
Boat Design: R45
Charity: The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) and the Submariner Memorial Appeal
Website: hmsoardacious.com

We are Royal Navy Submariners; having taken part in the 2019 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge we found our culture as submariners really harmonised with the extreme environment of “the World’s Toughest Row”, whether it was knowing everything there is to know about our boat, looking out for our crew mates, managing watch systems all while contending with sleep deprivation and dealing with the emotions of leaving our loved ones. Fortunately, one of the greatest strengths of the Submariner is being able to maintain a sense of humour in some of the very worst conditions. This humour really is a cornerstone to our ethos; when the sea going vessel you choose to call home for upwards of 3 months at a time chooses to sink, remaining positive and being able to laugh really is essential. HMS Oardacious are back to showcase our professionalism and adaptability as Submariners, pushing ourselves both physically and mentally. Our bodies and minds will again be tempered by the sheer vastness of the Atlantic Ocean; Neptune will again throw his fury upon our little craft and he will be met by Submariners, laughing back at him! Having previously fundraised over £100,000 in support of Mental Health initiatives, we continue to build on our legacy working with our service charity RNRMC, to provide Mental Health and Wellbeing support to our community: serving submariners, veterans and their families through life. Heritage and remembrance are also significant parts of our ethos, recognising all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country; we are therefore proud to also be supporting the Submariner Memorial Appeal to create a fitting memorial to submariners who lost their lives in the service and to the sacrifice of their families.

Team: Blue Atlantics (NL)

Number: (29)
Rower: Ilse Schuurman, Ingrid Voorn, Margot Vries, Marije Van De Bor
Country: Netherlands
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: Het Vergeten Kind and Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur
Website: blueatlantics.com

“Why?” is the question we often receive when we tell that we’re going to row the Atlantic. Why? It’s hard to explain… It’s a feeling that’s already been there for a long time. A feeling to do something way outside our comfort zones, a desire to do something extraordinary, something we never thought we’re capable of. To prove to ourselves that we are, and that we can do more than we ever expected, both physically and mentally. Go back to our basics, getting to know ourselves and each other even better and find out if what we do in life at this moment is the way to go or if something has to change.

We are fortunate that we can change things if we really want to. There are a lot of children in our country who aren’t that lucky. Who live in an environment of abandonment or violence. We row for these children, by choosing Het Vergeten Kind (the Forgotten Child) as one of our charities. This organization fights for a stable, loving environment where children can develop properly. Give them positive experiences with real attention, so they feel seen and supported and regain self-confidence. Something no one can do without…

Besides that we also believe that children should be able to develop themselves in either a cultural or a sportive way. Engaging in sports or culture helps a child to develop optimally in a physical, mental and social way. In the Netherlands however, 1 out of 11 children isn’t able to do this, due to the fact that parents can’t afford it. Children who can’t join such activities, don’t have the opportunities that are taken for granted by their peers. Our second charity therefore is the Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur (the Sports & Culture Youth Fund), since all children should be able to dream of becoming the next professional athlete or world famous pop star.

Team: Intrepid 232 (UK)

Number: (30)
Rower: Rosemary Satchwell, Alison Smithurst, Helene Monpetit, Julie Brady
Country: Jersey
Boat Design: Rx45
Charity: Grace Crocker Foundation + Blue Marine
Website: Coming Soon!


Hi, we are a team of 4 ladies from the Island of Jersey – Channel Islands, United Kingdom. The sea plays a massive part in our general lives and we are fortunate enough to all live within a mile radius of the coast. Hence we are either on the sea, in it or under it most days. As a team of busy working mums, we want to show that age and gender are not obstacles in achieving something you really want to do and believe strongly in the power of our combined team focus to achieve this goal.

When we succeed in our journey across the Atlantic Ocean we will set a new Guinness Book world record, by being the oldest female crew to have rowed any ocean. Along the way we wish to raise funds for two charities close to our hearts; the Grace Crocker Foundation and the Blue Marine Foundation.

The Grace Crocker Foundation provides emotional and financial support for Jersey families who have children requiring medical support in the UK. The Blue Marine Foundation is a charity dedicated to restoring the ocean to health by addressing overfishing. It currently has a number of worldwide projects and one of those is working with the Jersey National Trust in trying to protect the National park around the Jersey coast.

Please join us on our fantastic sea journey!

Team: Team Marduk (UK)

Number: (31)
Rower: Peter Rose, Alexande Jackson, Adam Carrier & George Dagnall
Country: UK
Boat Design: Rx45
Charity: Head Up & Bowel Cancer Uk
Website: Coming Soon!

This challenge is a fantastic way for us to raise money and awareness for two charities: Head-Up and Bowel Cancer UK. Team Marduk understand that mental resilience and physical endurance are two of the main components needed to complete the row, we intend to develop ourselves as a team and demonstrate that mental resilience isn’t just something you have, it is developed through adversity.

We want this challenge to raise the profile of our charities and give them a platform to discuss mental health for veterans and services personnel; something which is currently deteriorating. We also want to raise more awareness for Bowel Cancer UK, and help prompt earlier identification for the growing number of young people who are becoming diagnosed with this lethal disease. Finally, much like the Babylonian god Marduk did, we want to conquer the beast of the sea; and to help empower other people who might be going through life’s trials and encourage them to challenge their own limits.


Atlantic R2R (UK)
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Team: Atlantic R2R (UK)

Number: (32)
Rower: Tom Atkinson, Jordan Parkinson, Richard Parkinson, Sebastian Evans & Paul Roadnight
Country: Scotland
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: Rock2Recovery
Website: atlanticr2r.com

Why: As George Mallory said – ‘Because it is there!’ Atlantic R2R is made up of 2 professional yacht crew, a hotelier, an ex-solider and a current soldier who all hold in common a drive, competitiveness and will to find and test their physical and mental limits – what better place to find and then push these limits that the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge! Although the team come from various backgrounds, the combined qualities, skills and experiences of each team member make for an exciting, cohesive and competitive ocean rowing team and an excellent vessel to raise money and awareness for veterans mental health through their chosen charity Rock2Recovery. Why we have chosen the charity: Mental health is a subject close to many members of the team, but veterans mental health in particular is close to Tom and Paul since the death of a friend and former colleague due to mental health issues. Rock2Recovery was founded by Jamie Sanderson RM and Jason Fox RM following long careers as senior ranking Royal Marines which resulted in medical discharges after diagnoses of stress illness and brain injury. R2R strive to creat positive change when it is needed most and following their unique experience they recognize the need for rapid preventative interventions, specific coaching and assistance, including the provision of short and long-term refocusing support for veterans leaving the service with brain injuries and mental health issues attributable to their period of service.