2024 Race Entrants


The Oarburn Rower (UK)
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Rock and Row (UK)
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All 4 One (DE)
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Ocean Nomads (DE)
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Team: The Oarburn Rower (UK)

Number: (1)
Rower: Kyle Meredith
Country: UK
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: TBC
Website: theoarburnrower.com

I’m Kyle, a 20-something Yorkshireman, who has gradually migrated south and currently lives in Salisbury, Wiltshire. As you may have guessed already, I’m a red-head. Most people would say ginger but I’d say I’m more African Sunset or even OARburn. Most red-heads are known to be; feisty, pale, possess copious freckles, often found in a shaded area and – importantly – extremely headstrong. In 2020 – during the first national COVID-19 lockdown – Grandad Michael was admitted to Leeds General Infirmary where he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Malignant Melanoma. The cancer had become metastasis meaning it had grown beyond the original tumour location and regional lymph nodes and spread to his lungs and brain. Not more than 2 weeks later, Grandad Michael tragically lost his fight with Melanoma and succumbed to cancer. Did you know that us red-heads make up between 1-2% of the global population? Did you also know that we have differences in our genetic make-up in the form of a variant in the Melanocortin-1 Receptor (MC1R)? This genetic difference – as well as provides us with our distinctive red-head characteristics – means we are 10x times greater risk of developing skin cancer than our non-red head friends. Melanoma is a very serious and common form of skin cancer which has the ability to spread to the body’s vital organs rapidly if not detected at an early stage. Staggeringly around 15,400 new cases of Melanoma are diagnosed every year in the UK – with cases expected to rise 7% by 2035 – of which 51% of diagnosis are given to men. Whilst with early detection, professional support and treatment, 91% of Melanoma patients survive their disease for 5 or more years, there are still around 2,300 Melanoma deaths in the UK each year.

Team: Rock and Row (UK)

Number: (2)
Rower: Tom Mumford
Country: UK
Boat Design: R10
Charity: TBC
Website: rockrow.co

I’m a teacher, and I want to show my students (and anyone else) that with hard work and determination anything is possible. Even something as ridiculous as rowing across the Atlantic Ocean!

Team: All 4 One (DE)

Number: (3)
Rower: Martin Stengele
Country: Germany
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: Mukoviszidose E.v.
Website: rudernfuersleben.de/atlantik-challenge-2024

Since I was a child I always wanted to be a captain and sail the seas. Well, at least up to the time at which my mother tried to explain to me that I had to have a high school graduation and had to study to get a ship master´s certificate.

However this was not possible as already one of my brothers was studying and we were not able to afford another student (we were six children and my father had a very low income). After some time I returned to my mother beaming with joy and I told her proudly: “ If I cannot be a captain I will be a seaman!”

I made my dream come true in that extent that I served for four years in the German Navy and sailed as crew member on a restored training sailing ship named “Roald Amundsen” for some years.

For several years I have been enthusiastic about kayaking.

During my gym teacher training I also started to run and since then I mastered some marathons.

As a “personal fitness trainer” I will be able to prepare myself well for the physical challenges.

Being a sport psychologist will surely be very helpful during this long trip.

Team: Ocean Nomads (DE)

Number: (4)
Rower: Johannes Niemann
Country: Germany
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: TBC
Website: oceannomad.de

As a passionate surfer, rower and sailor it´s My Way to give back to this beautiful life sustaining Energy.

I don’t really like to row the ocean. It´s 5000km of rowing, open waters, challenging times. But as I was visiting La Gomera in early 2021 and then Sailing with The Blue Pearl, it was more like a Call that came from the deep. As I always try to trust and follow my Soul Journey I had no way to say no, but Yes. A couple of days later I arrived in Fuerteventura and started to seek discomfort and got activ. I had a Call with the Event Manager and got my Spot for 24. Time for a new Adventure 🙂


Glimmering Sea (NZ)
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Rowing Dutch Siblings (NL)
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Team: Glimmering Sea (NZ)

Number: (5)
Rower: Nicky and Bob Parr
Country: New Zealand
Boat Design: R25
Charity: TBC
Website: glimmeringsea.org

Nicky and Bob are rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to go always a little further; to raise money for charity; and to stay forever young!

Team: Rowing Dutch Siblings (NL)

Number: (6)
Rower: Astrid Janse & Eric Janse
Country: Netherlands
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: TBC
Website: rowingdutchsiblings.nl

Astrid (54) participated in TWAC2020. As she was rowing in the middle of the ocean, she thought “this is so fantastic, that’s what I have to do with my brother!” In the meantime, while following his sister on her journey via social media, Eric (56) came up with the same idea. The decision was made quickly. Together they will participate in TWAC2024. The Rowing Dutch Sibblings.

Even when we were little, we went on little adventures together. Put on backpacks, make sandwiches and go. How cool to go on such a great adventure together now that we are in our fifties: to cross the Atlantic in a small rowing boat.

We believe that sport should be accessible to everyone. With our crossing we want to create awareness for children with disabilities and for whom it is not obvious to be able to participate in sports activities.


Swiss Atlantic Breakers (SUI)
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Atlantic Action (UK)
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Team: Swiss Atlantic Breakers (SUI)

Number: (7)
Rower: Cindy Bak, Michael Stoll & Damara Mathis
Country: Switzerland
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: TBC
Website: swiss-atlantic-breakers.ch

We, the Atlantik Breakers, are all very sporty and asked ourselves what is the bigger challenge besides the Mararhon … Then we found out about this project (crossing the Atlantic with a rowboat.) We knew we were going to be our new adventure be.

Team: Atlantic Action (UK)

Number: (8)
Rower: Anna Williams, Chloe Jones & Tuppence Mellish
Country: UK, Jersey
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: The Sea Cadets, the Ocean Conservation Trust and All4Paws Edinburgh
Website: Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


HMS Oardacious (UK)
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Team: HMS Oardacious (UK)

Number: (9)
Rower: Classified
Country: UK
Boat Design: R45
Charity: The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) and the Submariner Memorial Appeal
Website: hmoardacious.com

We are Royal Navy Submariners; having taken part in the 2019 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge we found our culture as submariners really harmonised with the extreme environment of “the World’s Toughest Row”, whether it was knowing everything there is to know about our boat, looking out for our crew mates, managing watch systems all while contending with sleep deprivation and dealing with the emotions of leaving our loved ones. Fortunately, one of the greatest strengths of the Submariner is being able to maintain a sense of humour in some of the very worst conditions. This humour really is a cornerstone to our ethos; when the sea going vessel you choose to call home for upwards of 3 months at a time chooses to sink, remaining positive and being able to laugh really is essential. HMS Oardacious are back to showcase our professionalism and adaptability as Submariners, pushing ourselves both physically and mentally. Our bodies and minds will again be tempered by the sheer vastness of the Atlantic Ocean; Neptune will again throw his fury upon our little craft and he will be met by Submariners, laughing back at him! Having previously fundraised over £100,000 in support of Mental Health initiatives, we continue to build on our legacy working with our service charity RNRMC, to provide Mental Health and Wellbeing support to our community: serving submariners, veterans and their families through life. Heritage and remembrance are also significant parts of our ethos, recognising all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country; we are therefore proud to also be supporting the Submariner Memorial Appeal to create a fitting memorial to submariners who lost their lives in the service and to the sacrifice of their families.