Boats and Classes

Our philosophy

  • Each and every rower and team to be celebrated as the winners they are, for taking on the challenge it is rowing to row across an ocean
  • Each rower, team and boat design to be celebrated and treated equally before, during and after the race.
  • Each record within the race to be acknowledged and respected. Atlantic Campaigns will focus on overall records such as the fastest crossing but will ensure design records are given proper attention and coverage


Winner of the Race Class: The MacAskill Trophy
Winner of the Open Class: The Skye Trophy
Winner of the Female Class: The Murden Trophy

The above winners will also receive custom made watches from our Timer Keeper BREMONT

We have one leaderboard with one overall winner.
Within the leaderboard we have two main classes and an additional Female Class.

Race class

A class where like-for-like designs compete against each other. The first boat from the Race Class that reaches Antigua will be awarded the MacAskill Trophy.

  • R45
  • R25
  • R10 (2023 only)

Open class

A class where new designs (on trial) and older designs (not being built anymore/existing builds only) compete in order to win the Skye Trophy. This allows new designs to trial as to their performance as well as celebrating and honouring the designs of the past.

  • DOR12
  • DOR34
  • R15
  • Adkin
  • Ocean 2/3
  • Spindrift (Pacific 2023 only)
  • D12
  • D34

The boats

Below you will see the current records for each design within the race.

Meet our partners

It is incredibly important to us that the partners we work with reflect the ethos of our races, our participants and our principles as a business. As such this means that by choosing to work alongside our partners, our teams are in turn guaranteed expertise, high quality product and service as well as beneficial rates on purchases. Our partners are dedicated specialists within their field, ensuring that product and knowledge delivery is a step towards success.

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