The World's Toughest Row

 The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge classing system is defined by design.

Each class is created on a per design basis.

One leaderboard with the following classes:

  • R45 Class
  • R25 Class
  • R15 Class
  • Spindrift Class
  • Ocean 2 + 3 Class
  • SeaSabre Class
  • Adkin Class
  • Woodvale/Rossiters Fours Class
  • Wooden Class
  • DOR12 Class
  • DOR34 Class
  • WhaleBoat Class
  • Leven Brown Adventures

Our classing system is designed in order to simplify and clarify the choices available to our teams.

Our teams race in ‘like for like’ classes, with designs racing against exact designs only. As an example, if a team would like to choose an R45, they will be racing against other R45’s and If a team chooses to race in a wooden boat, they will also race against other wooden boats.

As is normal practice within sports of this nature, one leader board is created with all teams featured in leading order. Having multiple leader boards may be easily understood for those competing, however for general supporters, sponsors and public following this would not be possible to portray in a simple and digestible manner.

We celebrate each and every boat as a winner when they arrive into Antigua, no matter of design.

We feel this fairly represents and supports each crew’s preference of how they wish row across the ocean.

Each crew is able to make a free choice at the beginning of their campaign as to their preferred boat design. Atlantic Campaigns, Talisker and the wider Ocean Rowing community shall support each and every team with their decision to row the Atlantic in the manner they wish.


  1. On completion of the 2017 race it was decided that the R20 design would no longer be able to compete in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.


  1. On completion of the 2019, race wooden boats will no longer be accepted into the SOLO class.
  2. On completion of the 2020 race, wooden boats will no longer be accepted in ANY class.

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