Title sponsor

Talisker Whisky is a brand synonymous with rugged adventure and has been the official title sponsor for six consecutive races. Since 2013, Talisker and Atlantic Campaigns have been proud partners striving to provide a unique annual experience.

Clothing partner

As the official clothing/apparel partner to TWAC, Gill supply rowers, staff and spectators alike, ensuring that the clothing provided sees each person through the challenge of a lifetime. Gill is the world leading marine apparel brand and were founded in 1975. Their fearless, gallant and relentless company moto ties in perfectly with the teams of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Travel partner

Virgin Atlantic have been proudly supporting TWAC since 2013, enabling hundreds of members of family and friends to be at the finish line in Antigua to welcome their loved one over the finish line and onto land. Offering unique discounted flexible fares on a great selection of flights, Virgin Atlantic ensure our teams journey back across the ocean is one of comfort and class.

Communications partner

As the Official Communication Partner of TWAC, Range Global Services have supplied over 50 teams with satellite communication equipment and airtime, including the sat phones and BGAN terminals, enabling teams to communicate effectively and reliably with sponsors, carry out interviews in real time

Official training partner

The most recent addition to the TWAC family is our official training partner ROWBOTS – a gym like no other focused purely on rowing with mental conditioning – a skill set that is crucial for all TWAC participants. WIth their 7 class specific themes, the ethos, delivery and fresh thinking from ROWBOTS couldnt be a more perfect partner for our teams on their journey pre, during and post race.

Official Adjucdicator

Atlantic Campaigns work closely and proudly with Ocean Rowing Stats, ensuring that all historical, present and comparative data is accurate, stored correctly and easily accessible to all. Ocean Rowing Stats adjudicate all World records achieved within our races, presenting each team with a Certificate of Achievement and World Records.

Official timekeeper

Atlantic Campaigns are proud to welcome back Bremont as our Official Timekeeper. The British award winning chronographers deliver hand crafted masterpiece watches, ensuring quality and durability are delivered with each and every watch. Bremont will again be generously presenting a watch to each rower of the winners in the Race, Open and Females class in TWAC 2021.

Technical Partner

As a Technical Partner of TWAC we have created the official landing page. TWAC continues to push the limits of what people think is possible to do as a human being. In Monstarlab we continue to push the limits of digital solutions, that is why TWAC and Monstarlab are a great match.

Nutrition partner

We have seen that food and nutrition is the main topic of conversation for our teams when they are rowing, so it’s incredibly important that not only is it worthy of being a talking point, but also that it also provides the calorific content, energy delivery and moral boost that is required for such an extreme undertaking, Base Camp Foods offer incredible knowledge, top quality brands and products as well as support from first contact to consumption, making them a perfect partner for our teams to ensure this part of their row is a success.

Destination Partners