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Sara Brewer – row off the wall – oldest female to row any ocean

Atlantic Campaigns enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things, they want you to succeed in what for most of us will be a once in a lifetime challenge and that means preparation, preparation, preparation. Its highly experienced team offer guidance throughout your journey from the moment you first sign up to undertake this incredible challenge, to the moment when you step foot on land in English Harbour, Antigua. Prior to the row each individual receives a dizzying array of strict rules, training courses which must be undertaken and essential items of equipment to source, most of which will be unfamiliar to the average person. Even then, in the build up to the row you will be tested on your knowledge of your boat and its equipment by the Chief Safety Officer. It is a steep learning curve and often daunting, and it needs to be because Atlantic Campaigns know that in order to succeed it is essential to have the skills to fix things on the ocean should they go wrong. It is also essential to undertake this challenge with safety uppermost in mind. When setting off from La Gomera it does not take long to realise that this truly is a tough challenge for every individual, whether a solo rower or crew-member. I cannot thank Atlantic Campaigns enough for equipping me with the necessary skills as well as providing advice and emotional support when it was needed most.

Kevin Gaskell – ocean five – fastest five man to team to row the atlantic

Whichever way you look at it, the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge is an enormous undertaking. Entering a team into the race challenges individuals and crews in so many ways, most of them before you ever get near to the start line. Once the row begins the challenges move to a different level. To be successful on the water we needed to be fully prepared, trained and organised. Without the incredible support of Atlantic Campaigns the preparation would have been much more difficult and the row would have been a launch into the unknown. At every stage of the campaign Nikki and the team helped us with knowledgeable advice, structured support, useful contacts, critical training and an experienced voice encouraging us to make sure we had the disciplines in place to be successful. They were the unseen members of our team and without their superb support we would have found the wonderful experience of the TWAC far more difficult and stressful.

Mads Vangsø – Wolfpack Gym powered by Garmin – TWAC 2018

I participated in TWAC18 with all the uncertainty that comes with an adventure like this. The Atlantic Campaigsn team really were a safe harbour. From great communication with Carsten and Nikki during the two year preparation period to the Safety Officers San and Lee leading us across the ocean – Atlantic Campaigns took care of any issues so I could focus on my journey.

Laura Try – Row for the Ocean – TWAC 2018

I had wanted to take part in TWAC for 4 years! And it didn’t disappoint. The support crew were always on hand throughout the preparation of the event to answer any questions. When we finally got to sea, we were able to call the Duty Officers with any issues we might have and they were able to help. It was remarkable considering they were thousands of miles away, dealing with crews who were hungry, exhausted and going slightly crazy. The way they dealt with matters was so professional and reassuring. I would do the race again at the drop of a hat. The welcome we received in Antigua was spectacular. It’s a welcome only an event like TWAC can provide. Thank you for making my dream as fantastic as it was in my head.

Dr . Nick Fuller and the rest of Team Wadadli

I think it’s important that due credit be given by us, Team Wadadli the first Antiguan entry, to the race organizers at Atlantic Campaigns for helping us to make our recent Atlantic Crossing become a reality and a big success, with us also ending up in the Guinness Book of Records.

You not only helped us along our challenging journey to the start line , but you ensured that our trip would be a safe one by insisting and confirming that all your safety and scrutineering requirements were met by us and all the other teams.

We had a wonderful time and we’ve accumulated a lifetime of wonderful memories and stories to take us through many years to come. Who knows, you may just see once again at the the start line some time down the line. Thanks to your entire team with special reference to Nikki, Ian and Carsten.

Kevinia Francis – Team Antigua, The Island Girls – TWAC 2018

Atlantic Campaigns and the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge made me and my teammates rise to our better selves. On January 28, 2019, approximately 10 months after we began training, my team, Team Antigua Island Girls, became the first all-Black team to row any ocean. We were also the first all-woman team from the Caribbean to participate in the race. The entire Atlantic Campaigns team was amazing and unswerving in their tangible support and encouragement, from the first day when we contacted them as a group of non-rowing landlubbers (except Sam!) to the day we crossed the finish line and beyond. TWAC 2018 gave us the chance to test our mental and physical strength. It afforded us the opportunity to unite our country, Antigua and Barbuda, around a single cause. And it gave us the chance to learn, grow and expand our boundaries in ways that are still manifesting. People often speak about the chance of a lifetime, and we can honestly say this is what we had.

Michael Galsworthy

It was three years ago when our youngest son Jack divulged at the breakfast table, that he intended to row the Atlantic, and I remember questioning his sanity and whether he truly appreciated how difficult this was going to be. Quite frankly I doubted whether he would actually get to the start line in the first place. How wrong we were and how utterly dazed and astonished we were as parents when Jack and his friend Freddie Wright undertook and completed the World’s Toughest Row, arriving in Nelson’s Harbour in Antigua 47 days after starting.

I think, on reflection, we did not really appreciate the enormity of this undertaking until we arrived in La Gomera to witness the start of the Race. There we saw the boats of the 30 or so competitors bobbing around in the harbour against the backdrop of the mighty and unforgiving Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic Campaigns, the organisers of the whole Race, could not have been more reassuring and helpful to us nervous parents and families and it did not take us long to appreciate that we were committing Jack and Fred into very competent and safe hands.

Once the Race got underway, and we had gone home, it was so reassuring to know that we could always ring Nikki Holter, the events co-ordinator who is based in Newton Abbot in Devon. She was very forthcoming with reassurance and calming words when the hurricane hit the competitors in early January and we were quite rightly exceptionally nervous and fearful, but again we knew that professional rescue boats were always on hand and that the Race organisers were constantly in touch by radio with each of the competitors. Only at the end of the Race did we all suddenly realise how critical the situation had been during the hurricane and how calmly and professionally everyone had behaved – including the competitors.

It was also fascinating to be able to follow the course of each of the competitors on a computer, thanks to the App we were advised to download. At times it did seem a bit like watching paint dry, but each morning of the 3,000 nautical mile race we were able to note the relative performance of each competitor, their position and their course. This too was reassuring and made us feel definitely “in touch”.

When finally the first competitors began to approach Antigua, Atlantic Campaigns helpfully gave us the ‘heads up’ about making timely bookings for our flights out and back as well as accommodation at Nelson’s Harbour. Once we had arrived there we were completely captivated by the atmosphere of excitement as the boats began to arrive. Flares, ship sirens and horns, countless people spectating and a wonderful sense of excitement which at times seemed almost feverish.

Finally, when Jack and Freddie arrived at about 9.00 pm in the evening, this had to be one of the most emotional moments of our lives. It really was an astonishing achievement and Jack and Freddie were rightly named as the youngest pair ever to have rowed across the Atlantic and completed the world’s toughest rowing race. Quite rightly they earned their position with a Guinness Book of Records Certificate and warmest congratulations and welcome by the Race organisers themselves. I am quite certain that the 47 days which it took Jack and Fred, both aged 21, to complete the Race changed all our lives and certainly enabled Jack and Fred to hold up their heads in pride.

Our gratitude also goes to Atlantic Campaigns for their professionalism and for the way in which competitors’ families were kept well informed. What a herculean achievement!

Janette Benaddi (Skipper Yorkshire Rows)

In May 2013 myself and three other ladies signed up for the 2015 Atlantic Campaigns Talisker Atlantic row across the Atlantic ocean. We were not the usual kind of race participants and our aim was not a competitive one unlike most race entrants it was to get across and enjoy the journey. Despite the fact we are not ultra-athletes and very different to the “normal” race participants we were still welcomed with open arms into the rowing community and the race. We were not treated any differently from the other professional participants, adventurers and ultra-marathon runners. We were made to feel right at home straight away in a world we were not used to. We were in fact helped and encouraged by Carsten and his brilliant team of professionals. One of the most important aspects for us was safety and AC go above and beyond when it comes to safety. We knew all the time from entering the race right through to the finish that we were safe being part of AC. The support is incredible, if you have never rowed an ocean before and want to I would fully recommend going with AC whether its your first or fifth row you need the support they give its vital to your success. Thankyou AC

Finn Christo, UK Participant 2013

If you’re going to row an Ocean, Atlantic Campaigns is the go to place. Professional, patient and couldn’t have been more helpful, we really felt looked after during the entire two year run up as well as during the race and immediately after. We’ve had amazing support but also made some lifelong friends as well, which made the experience all the more better.

Viscount Bobby Melville, UK participant 2013

I can quite honestly say that we would not have come close to being ready at the start line without the guidance and support of Atlantic Campaigns. The list is endless but the advice we received made us as a team optimistic and assured. The office could have been on speed dial at one point and Atlantic Campaigns went beyond the call of duty to facilitate and help us achieve our goals and dreams. I would share my beach with the team at Atlantic Campaigns

Nick Rees And Ed Curtis UK Retired Participants 2013

Having spent two years preparing for our row across the Atlantic, Nick and I were of course very disappointed when we retired from the race. Despite this disappointment, it is fair to say that we have had the most fantastic experience and other than not finishing we would not change it for anything. Getting to the start line is a huge achievement in itself and without the help of Atlantic Campaigns we would never have managed it! Event Co-ordinator Nikki is awesome and always happy to help. Thank you Atlantic Campaigns and thank you Nikki!