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Race Route
and Rules
Race Route
and Rules


Our teams will row more than 3000 nautical miles across the world’s second largest ocean, the Atlantic. Rowers will head west from San Sebastian in La Gomera to Nelson’s Dockyard English Harbour, Antigua. Once they leave the safety of the harbour they’ll be on their own on the vast ocean and at the mercy of the elements, until the race comes into its final stretch.

the rules

1. Boats can be raced as a solo, pairs or four man team in two different classes: Pure Class and Concept Class, with an overall winner in each of these two classes.

2. No outside assistance is permitted throughout the race. Each team shall carry all necessary food, cooking gas, medical kit, and safety equipment for the entire crossing.

3. Each competitor shall hold a valid RYA Yacht-master Ocean Theory, First Aid at Sea, Sea Survival and a VHF Radio Licence.

4. Each competitor shall have undertaken a qualifying row and qualifying courses before race start.


5. The boat shall only be propelled by the rowing effort of the crew and the natural action of the wind, waves and currents acting on the boat.

6. Any emergencies, urgent incidents or problem solving must be dealt with in accordance with the Race Crisis Operations Document.

7. All packaging and refuse shall be retained on board until disposal can be arranged at an appropriate location ashore.

8. All drinking water shall by produced using a watermaker from sea water.

For more detailed Race Rules contact the Race Organiser, Atlantic Campaigns.

full race rules

Boats, Equipment <br />and Technology
Boats, Equipment and Technology