2023 Race Entrants


Pacific Floaters (DE & AT)
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Aloha Kai (US)
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Team: Pacific Floaters (DE & AT)

Number: (TBC)
Rowers: Catharina Streit & Dewey Fankhauser
Country: Germany & Austria
Boat Design: R25
Charity: Coming soon!
Social Media: http://www.pacificfloaters.com

Coming soon! And it will be great!

Team: Aloha Kai (US)

Number: (TBC)
Rowers: Owen Gray & Jayme Linker
Country: United States
Boat Design: R25
Charity: Okizu.org & Eating Disorder Awareness
Social Media: http://www.alohakai2023.com


Aloha Kai means love of the sea in Hawaiian.  Owen and Jayme both share a love of the sea.  After completing the 2021 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, they each were seeking out their next adventures and came together to create Aloha Kai and participate in the inaugural Pacific Challenge.  Our goal is to become the first USA born mix pairs team to row the Mid-Pacific while raising money for our charity partners.

Owen is raising funds for Okizu, which supports families dealing with childhood cancer.  Children who are diagnosed with cancer miss a normal childhood.  Because many of the families
Okizu serves are already financially stressed from the expenses associated with their child’s illness, Okizu does not charge a fee to attend Camp Okizu and families attend all programs free of charge.

Jayme is raising funds for Eating Disorder Awareness.  After suffering with an eating disorder for over 2/3 of her life, Jayme has dedicated her experience to helping others in hopes they do not suffer like she did which is why she is working to build a non-profit for long-term residency to help those in need. Eating disorders are one of the deadliest mental disorders that affect over 9% of the world’s population yet a very small fraction of funding goes towards eating disorder research and recovery programs. Therefore, raising money to help individuals receive care as well as offering education surrounding eating disorders to the public is vital for those who suffers’ survival.


HODL - Hold On for Dear Life (UK)
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Team: HODL – Hold On for Dear Life (UK)

Number: (TBC)
Rowers: Matt Siely, Cutu Serruys & Luca Feser
Country: United Kingdom
Boat Design: R45
Charity: The Ocean Clean Up
Social Media: https://www.hodl-team.com/

Union Jack

By crossing the Pacific Ocean and more specifically, rowing past the garbage patch in the ocean, we wanted to bring awareness to the terrible amounts of rubbish. Combining this with our drive to push our bodies and minds to the limits, makes a perfect combo for this trip!

The Ocean Cleanup is the world’s leading charity fighting ocean rubbish pollution. We wanted to partner with a charity that would not only talk the talk but walk the walk.


Ocean’s 4 (SUI)
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Oceanwarrior (DK)
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Row Aurora (UK)
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Brothers ‘N Oars (UK)
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Sisphish (UK)
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Pacific Discovery (CH)
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Team Antigua Island Girls (AG)
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Ohana (US)
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Fortune Favours the Wave (UK)
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Team: Ocean’s 4 (SUI)

Number: (2)
Rower: Philipp Kessler, Astrid Schmid, Denise Luetzelschwab & Toni Fehr
Country: Switzerland
Boat Design: DOR34
Charity: TBC
Social Media: www.oceans4.ch

The Swiss national flag

The team of OCEAN’S 4 is excited to participate in the big PACIFIC CHALLENGE 2023. We will be the first Swiss team to row the Pacific Ocean.

Astrid has rowed the ATLANTIC CHALLENGE 2019 as a member of the SwissOceanDancers. Her experience and stories of adventure have set off sparks amongst many friends and especially in the local rowing clubs. Denise and Philipp have become so inspired and encouraged to take on this extraordinary journey. Toni and Astrid met years ago during a military deployment abroad. As experienced sailor, he followed her journey across the Atlantic and was on fire when he heard about the possibility to join the crew.

So they teamed up in the ambition of rowing the PACIFIC CHALLENGE. Given this exceptional opportunity of sharing an unforgettable adventure, we are willing to trade land and mountains for the power of wind, waves and seemingly endless space.

OCEAN’S 4 very much enjoys each other’s company and trusts the team’s good sense of humor. As much as we anticipate mental and physical hardship, we are confident in taking on this unique experience. Our goal is to successfully manage the challenges based on combined forces, powered by the sum of our individual skills. As the team of OCEAN’S 4 we are very much looking forward to exploring the unique, unfiltered and powerful moods of nature and the hidden strengths within us.

Team: Row Aurora (UK)

Number: (4)
Rower: Dawn Wood, Louise Brown, Sophie Hibbin & Kay Tavinor
Country: UK
Boat Design: R45
Charity: Marine Conservation Society
Social Media: www.rowaurora.co.uk

Union Jack

As individuals we bring very different skills and abilities to the table to make our team extremely successful. As a team we have a huge amount of Ocean rowing and general maritime experience including literally thousands of on water hours in all kinds of vessels and several ocean crossings.

We want to show that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things and the power of teamwork whilst raising awareness about the environment.

We are all passionate about the environment, and the Row Aurora campaign was awarded fundraiser of the year in 2019. We are extremely proud to be continuing to support the Marine Conservation Society to help them continue their important work to protect our planet.

Team: Brothers ‘N Oars (UK)

Number: (5)
Rower: Oliver Amos, Harry Amos, Parris Noriss & Barnaby Lewis
Country: UK
Boat Design: R45
Charity: Row2Recovery & Blue Marine Foundation
Social Media: www.brothersnoars.com

Union Jack

We are a dedicated crew being put to the ultimate test, pushing our bodies and mind to the test. Preparation is key and we’re excited to be apart of this new Pacific campaign. We are raising funds and awareness for two great causes, Blue Marine Foundation and Row2Recovery. We’re here to make a real impact for these amazing organisations. Blue Marine Foundation seeks to protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030 which aligns with our goals for why we are embarking of this incredible challenge. Row2Recovery on the amazing work that they do in inspiring positivity in the face of adversity through military adaptive rowing. Taking British wounded, injured and sick veterans and channelling that energy to a force of good. Our goal to raise £200K will make a huge difference to both these organisations.

Team: Sisphish (UK)

Number: (6)
Rower: Alex Brooker, Rich Henderson, Sam Boehringer, Patrick Cole
Country: UK
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: TBC
Social Media: Coming soon!

Union Jack

Four men spanning 3 continents brought together by Alex Brooker to row an ocean. A very “Brooker” proposal we all agreed. In our first introductions as a team, Rich, a new father, mentioned the importance of leading by example. He mentioned the gravity of this event in showing his son that anything’s possible. It rang through us. We’re rowing to raise money for causes we care about and we believe will do good work. We’re rowing to compete in one of the wildest events on the planet. And we’re rowing under the name Sisyphish to remember that no matter how many races, there’s really only one finish line. It’s an honor for us to join the rest of the field, we’ll see you in Monterey!

Team: Pacific Discovery (SUI)

Number: (7)
Rower: Cameron Parker, Tia Patricios, Stuart Thompson & Andrei Celovschi
Country: Switzerland
Boat Design: TBC
Charity: TBC
Social Media: www.pacific-discovery.com

The Pacific Discovery team is thrilled to be joining this inaugural Atlantic Campaigns Pacific Challenge 2023. We will be the first Reinsurance team to cross the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Discovery is a team of ordinary people – some of whom have never rowed before – coming together to undertake this experience of a lifetime. We share an inner strength and determination, a playful outlook on life, and a conviction that anything is possible. We believe our superpower is the ability to bring magic and fun to everything we do and to always show up as a team.

As a team, we are committed to shining a light on mental health: one in four of us has mental health issues, and half of us are at risk of developing them. We would love to inspire people to be able to live their best lives, and follow their dreams, and this starts with a healthy mind. Our aim, as we prepare for this adventure, is to elevate awareness around mental health and to raise over £100,000 for Mind, a UK-based organization committed to ensuring respect and support for every person experiencing challenges to their mental well-being.

It is our sincere hope that in realizing our dreams we might encourage and inspire others to cross their own oceans: to trust in their abilities, to lean on each other and to reach beyond what they believe is possible.

Team: Team Antigua Island Girls (AG)

Number: (8)
Rower: Kevinia Francis, Christal Clashing, Elvira Bell and Samara Emmanuel
Country: Antigua
Boat Design: R45
Charity: Team Island Girls Non-Profit
Social Media: www.antiguabarbudaislandgirls.com

We are Christal, Elvira, Kevinia and Samara; Team Antigua Island Girls—history- making rowers. We represented Antigua and Barbuda in the 2018 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. When we arrived home on Monday, January 28, 2019, we rowed into the history books, becoming, not just the first all-woman team from the Caribbean to compete in the TWAC, but also the first all-black team to row across any ocean.

We’re adventurers and competitors, who committed soon after our feat in 2018-19 to find another challenge. Our TWAC experience was transformative. We entered to test our mettle and expand our boundaries, and we gained so much more. The support of our country and people far and wide in the diaspora and beyond buoyed us. The impact that we had on women and girls especially, sparked a commitment to continue doing good for our community. Our first row paid homage to our forebears—taking us, as it did, across the Transatlantic slave route. This row in the Pacific will connect us to another island culture—one that is intimately intertwined with the ocean. We are excited to row in those waters and learn from the Hawai’ian community.

Team: Fortune Favours the Wave (UK)

Number: (TBC)
Rowers: Simon Farley, Chris Bailey, Chris Barnes & Samuel Morris
Country: United Kingdom
Boat Design: R45
Charity: Army Benevolent Fund
Social Media: TBC

Union Jack

The unique challenge laid down to Officers and Soldiers in today’s Army is one of empowering people to take calculated risks and encourages boldness; this is us rising to that challenge.
The Army has provided plenty of challenges and excitement in our careers (some of it unwanted and unexpected) all coming with the ‘wrap’ that the Army provides to look after and support its people, until now.  This event sees 4 men in a 7m long rowing boat crossing 2800 miles of the Pacific Ocean, all beyond the relative safety net of the Army, where the only thing we can truly rely on is the other members of the crew.

Team: Ocean Warrior (DK)

Number: (TBC)
Rowers: Jens Peter Leschly Neergaard, Andreas Dyrby, Joachim Sutton & Lasse Wulff Hansen
Country: Denmark
Boat Design: RX45
Charity: TBC
Social Media: http://www.oceanwarrior.dk

We are team Ocean Warrior, and we will be the first Scandinavian boat to row the Pacific Ocean. Based in Copenhagen, we are a four-man band connected through our common gym, The WolfPack Gym, and our desire to raise awareness for our charities. Our squad consists of Andreas Dyrby; a former rower now turned police officer / ultramarathon-runner, who brings grit, an uncanny lust for adventure, and a lot of horsepower to the crew. JP (Jens Peter Leschly Neergaard) is a seasoned veteran, both in athletics and business, adding leadership, calmness, and a solid sense of humor to the enterprise. Our third squad member is Joachim Sutton; Olympic Medalist in rowing from Tokyo 2021, who looks to seek out new mental and physical challenges. Finally, our Skipper; Lasse Wulf Hansen is a veteran officer ind the Danish Army and brings much experience and resilience to the crew, as one of the most experienced ocean rowers in the world, having rowed the Atlantic Ocean three times.

Together we are excited to embark on this adventure, training and preparing together every week to strengthen our crew and gain confidence in one another. Our goal is to successfully manage the challenges we will face on this journey as a team and as friends. We shall be relying on thorough preparation, and combined skills and strengths, while we explore the unique modes of nature, hardship, and simply being. We row to inspire others to take charge of their lives, to be generous, and to have fun.

Team: Ohana (US)

Rowers: Marina Hunziker, Mat Steinlin, Paul Lore & Iris Noordzij
Country: Switzerland, United States & Netherlands
Boat Design: R45
Charity: http://K9sForWarriors.com
Social Media: http://Ohana2023.com

We are Team Ohana, a mixed team of four diverse ocean rowers from the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States.  The team didn’t realize it at the moment but Team Ohana was starting to form when all felt an amazing connection in December 2021, while preparing for the Atlantic Challenge.  Iris, Marina, Mat and Paul were immediately drawn by each other’s passion, their dedication to the sport of rowing, and their love for the ocean and others.

Team Ohana and their Community of Supporters are rowing the World’s Deepest Ocean on behalf of K9s For Warriors.  In the United States approximately 20 Veterans die by suicide every day, and K9sFW is determined to reduce and eliminate the high rate of Veteran Suicide.  K9s For Warriors provides highly trained Service Dogs to Military Veterans suffering from PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury and Military Sexual Trauma. Also, since the majority of the K9 dogs come from high-kill rescue shelters our Warrior Dogs are given a new driven purpose of love and Ohana.  

We are excited to embark on this incredible mission, and to be participating in the inaugural Pacific Challenge 2023.  Iris a two-time transoceanic rower brings significant oceanic rowing experience to the team. Marina an avid Club Rower delivers significant technical row skills to the mission, and a true sense of Ohana energy. Mat the physical human, and technical wiz brings both an adventurist energy and the technical savviness needed on such an ocean crossing.  And Paul, he brings an unwavering Waterman Spirit of the ocean and his steadfast leadership attitude and love for others.

Our Team along with K9s For Warriors, and our amazing Community of Supporters are all dedicated to saving both the lives of Veterans and Rescue Dogs.


Flyin’ Fish (UK)
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Team: Flyin’ Fish (UK)

Number: (9)
Rower: Alison Wannell, Elaine Theaker, Andy Warner, Neil Blackeby & Huw Carden
Country: UK
Boat Design: R45
Charity: Cornwall Air Ambulance, Devon Air Ambulance, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and Wales Air Ambulance
Social Media: http://www.rowflyinfish.co.uk

Union Jack
When you hear the call of the Pacific, you just have to answer, We are ready to face the sea once again and all of her ever changing moods, Us four veterans of previous Talisker Whisky Challenge races have, answered the call of the ocean. For us this all about immersing ourselves in nature, the driving force is the team work and the strong friendship that began in the ocean rowers yearly reunion and the passion for ocean rowing. We look forward to the journey ahead with excitement and for the comradeship with the other crews of the TWAC and, of course, the competition. Its all about the love of what you do, who you do it with, and for the adventure.
Despite being one of the UK’s first emergency responders, each region’s Air Ambulance is not part of the NHS, is devoid of government funding and relies on the fundraising efforts of those it serves. However, when that red phone rings, they will treat anyone, anywhere, at anytime (within their own safe operating hours).
Whether you’re a resident in a county, there on a ‘staycation’, or just travelling through, the air ambulance may not be something you think too much about, until you or a loved one needs to…..More than a method of quick transport, air ambulances bring the A&E department to an incident by carrying specialist equipment, drugs, doctors and critical care paramedics to a scene to ensure a patient not only receives the intensive care they require within the vital first minutes after an incident, but is then able to transport that patient to the best hospital for their injuries expeditiously, even if that’s within another region. Not only do they work physically with other air ambulances by attending incidents in neighbouring counties, either in conjunction with or to assist if their own is unable to attend, but all charities are part of Air Ambulance UK who provides a collective national voice across the air ambulance sector and works with its members to improve patient outcomes every day. Therefore, although we’re raising funds for the four regions of our crew members (Cornwall Air Ambulance, Devon Air Ambulance, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and Wales Air Ambulance), our family, friends and those who wish to contribute know that every penny raised through our just giving page could potentially help anyone, anywhere, at any time.