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who we are

Shane Chadwick

Theo Jones

34 and 27


United Kingdom


Shane and Theo have worked together for over two and half years and have become very good friends. They are a motivated, enthusiastic, positive pair and while the challenge they have taken on will test their mental and physical stamina, their dogged determination, will to succeed and physical prowess will see them to the finish line.


The Not Forgotten Association.

The aims of the Not Forgotten Association have remained much the same as they were when it was formed in 1920: to provide leisure and recreation for the benefit of serving and ex-service personnel who are wounded or have sustained permanent injuries.

More recently, the involvement of our Armed Forces in places such as Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan has highlighted the dangers of operational service and the continued need for this work.

This charity takes great care to ensure that all their unique and varied programmes of support and entertainment remain relevant and appeal to all the service men and women they work with, both those who have served in recent conflicts and veterans of previous wars.

Think Fragile X FXS is the most common cause of inherited intellectual disability and the most common known genetic cause of Autism. As many as 1 in 3600 males and 1 4000 females are born with a full mutation of the same gene resulting in FXS.

Maria Goss set up the Think Fragile X Foundation in early 2013 after both of her young sons, Ethan and Logan, were diagnosed with FXS.

The Think Fragile X Foundation aims to raise awareness of Fragile X Syndrome (ŒFXS¹) by educating the community about FXS. All profits from any fundraising events are donated to charities who help support people who have FXS, or families who have loved ones affected by FXS and need some financial support.

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