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who we are

Jason Caldwell
Thomas Magarov
Nick Khan
Greg Wood

32, 29, 27 and 35

United States

their journey

Entering in the fours class Jason Caldwell, Tom Magarov, Nicholas Khan, and Greg Wood come from vastly varied backgrounds and different parts of North America. Jason Caldwell resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. He runs leadership development seminars to corporations around the world, and wanted to build a team and enter a race that would test his leadership philosophy. That quickly evolved into creating the team that Latitude 35 is today. Tom Magarov lives in Philadelphia, but was born and raised in the USSR. His aspirations of living in the United States and supporting his family seemed a pipe dream. Today it is a reality, and with this race brings unprecedented pride to his family. Nicholas Khan lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and works for Google. As a man who has completed a number of endurance races to include three triathlons and a 100-mile run, Nick is looking to this race as the pinnacle of his racing career – a race that will define his abilities. Finally, Greg. Greg is a successful business man from Texas who has rowed since university. Greg founded the Texas A&M University rowing team and started the first high school rowing club in his home town of Houston. Bringing together his business, practical and rowing skills makes Greg the 4th asset to this team. Four men in four different cities. Taking the average latitudes of these four cities you get Latitude 35 – a perceived disadvantage, embraced and used as a strength by its members.

their charity

Latitude 35 has dedicated their row to two charities and hope to raise as much money as possible for them. The first is the St. Jude’s Research Hospital and the second is Philabundance, a food organization that feeds the hungry in the greater Philadelphia area. Tom brought St. Jude’s as an option, and after a heartfelt plea to the group on the real change that could be brought to sick children, it was a clear choice. Philabundance was brought up as a consideration by Nick. Tom, Jason, and Nick all met in Philadelphia while rowing, so it felt like a natural choice to give back to the city that brought them together.

team activities

Below you will find all the latest activity from this team’s social media pages and blogs.