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Ryan Barter

Shaun Pedley

31 and 23

United Kingdom


Shaun Pedley

I have been brought up with salt water in my blood, growing up in Paignton I cannot think of a time when there was not a rowing boat, angling boat, work boat or pleasure boat in the harbour that was not in my family. Having been taught to row from the age of 4 in a small tender on the harbour I went on to become an active member of Paignton Rowing Club following my family who have all been rowers. This then lead to being selected to row the Atlantic for a speed record attempt in 2011, becoming the youngest man ever to row an ocean.

I now skipper crew transfer vessels for a living and this is where I met Ryan, who worked alongside me. We found we had a lot in common: we got chatting about both our families’ link to Breast Cancer and the trauma that comes with it, something that we have both experienced in our lives.

We saw the effects of such an illness can have on families and wanted to help others. We both decided that we wanted to raise money for the charity that supported both our families in this tough time.

After talking about my previous Ocean rowing experience to Ryan, we both decided that we would row the Atlantic to support and raise money for Rowcroft hospice.

Together we became the ‘Oarsome Buoys’ and entered the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Rowcroft hospice is a charity that provides specialist care to patients with progressive and life limiting illnesses.

After seeing two generations of my family (mother, grandmother, aunties, and great auntie) suffer from the illness and become patients at Rowcrofts hospice, we aim to enter the race to raise publicity and valued funds as a big thank you for the care the Hospice gave my family.

Rowing the Atlantic Ocean in 2015 will be my second Atlantic crossing by rowing boat, but this race could not be any more different! Last time was for the speed record attempt, we were a crew of 14 and selected to row, that was just a practice. This time round it’s for a worthy charity to both of us, for our own reasons, goals and dreams. Two men, one boat and the Atlantic Ocean!

Ryan Barter

Ever since a very early age I have been a bit of an adrenalin junkie and have a huge passion for the great outdoors. Growing up by the sea in Torbay I spent the majority of my free time either on or beneath the waves. When not fishing or diving in the sea I spend my free time hiking, climbing mountains, bike riding and thrashing my way down all the white water that the South West has to offer.

I have always loved to challenge myself and have completed my gold Duke of Edinburgh and the three peaks challenge. It is through taking part in these challenges that I have many life long memories and met many amazing people, most of whom I’m still close friends with today. With this in mind and having a head for a new challenge I began to think of my next adventure!

In autumn 2012 I started my new job with Offshore Turbine Services, working as a deck hand on the crew transfer vessels on the offshore wind farms, from there i progressed my way up to skipper them. This was where I came to meet Shaun, who would become my partner in crime. With some thinking the pair of us soon become the ‘Oarsome Buoys’, the challenge was set: two men, one boat, and the Atlantic ocean.

The principal behind our campaign is to ‘Row for Rowcroft’. We will conquer the Atlantic Ocean to raise money for Rowcroft Hospice.

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