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who we are

Sean Lannon
Ben Davies
Lee Felton

30, 26 and 29

United Kingdom

Their Journey


I’m 30, from Newcastle Upon Tyne. I want to do this challenge to see what I’m really made of, and show that with enough focus and determination anyone can move their life in any direction they wish.

I just love swimming and spending time in the water especially the sea, the waves just fill me with a sense of awe and wonder. So when I was approached by Sean with the opportunity to row across one of the world’s largest oceans I just had to jump on board. I enjoy pushing myself to perform new and daunting tasks and in the last year I have completed a monster race, a tough mudder event and climbed two of the three peaks in the three peaks challenge and plan do the third in the near future, so this seemed like a great opportunity to undertake an amazing task and spend time out in the open water.”

I’ve always led an active lifestyle and have dreamt of taking part in a challenge that will take me to my physical and mental limits. I try to live my life to the maximum, since 2012 I completed the Tough Guy and Tough Mudder events in the UK and have just competed in the 2014 Desert Warrior challenge in Dubai, I enjoy every moment; the challenge of the training, the anticipation, and of course the taking part. I heard about the Atlantic row a few years ago and the idea just stuck until I thought ‘let’s go for it’! I am also very passionate about encouraging those around me to do what they really want to do and live life to the full. I will use my participation in the race to energise and motivate as many people as I can, and at the same time raise money for a good cause. Now it’s time for some training …

Their Charity

The main reason for rowing across the Atlantic is to raise money and awareness for our two chosen charities – Rape Crisis England & Wales and Sport For Freedom

Both charities provide services and support for victims of the type of abuse often ignored or overlooked in the media – women and children who have been subjected to rape and sexual violence, and people who have been mistreated, abused and displaced from their home as a result of human trafficking.

The issues being tackled by our charities are preventable today, with a shift in attitude, greater awareness of the issues and more support for the victims. There is no cure to be found or science breakthrough to be funded in order to make a difference.

Please make a donation today!

Team Activities

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