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Sean McGuigan
Andy Warner

45 and 49

United Kingdom

Their Journey

Sean – The question I’m sure all competitors are asked is why? Well there are two reasons. Firstly I genuinely wanted to do something to raise money for my chosen charity. The more the better. This is clearly something that would capture people’s attention and make donations more likely. But on a personal note I have always loved a challenge. I have done endurance events and recently finished my latest goal of completing an Ironman Triathlon. But, hard as this was, there were hundreds of others standing with me at the finish line. I wanted to do something beyond normal. A true test. Something that not many others have ever done. This is the world’s toughest race. It doesn’t get any bigger. ‘When’ I’ve done this I suppose I can stop wondering, dust off my slippers and grow old sensibly.

Andy – Its been a hell of year, 2014 ended with me taking on the best endurance rowers out there in the Crazy Bear Challenge, which is 30 half marathons in 45 days, I done it in 22 days, then backed it up with a 100 km row a few days after. I was well happy with that, I figured at the time this was it.. the best thing I could acheive in rowing, How wrong I was, all the time what kept me motivated, apart from Sean breathing down my neck, was if Sean can do what he is going to do this year, I can do this…how ironic, after Snowys unfortionate injury here I am. What a thrill… Ive never been one to say no.. say yes and sort out the details later.. Ive travelled the world over the years but havent really done anything like this, notwithstanding there is nothing like this, it is the pinnicle, and I have the best rowing partner for this challenge out there. A huge chunk of my motivation is my twin girls. I tell them to take every oportunity that comes their way, so how can I in good faith preach something Im not willing to do myself. The dded bonus is the charities that we are supporting, its cliche to say, but heartfelt to know the good we are doing. So here I am, here is the challenge, we are ready as a team to give it our very best.

Their Charity

Sean – Cancer has touched many people’s lives. Myself included. It is devastating enough without having to travel long distances for help. I believe passionately in having local hospices within the community. To not only ease suffering but to give regular respite care to help relatives. This is why I chose St Clare’s Hospice as my charity.

Andy – Although I am taking no payment for doing this challenge, my employers, Martin Brower have personally sponsored me to do this race, Im proud to be also raising money for RMHC, which is McDonalds own charity, would like to thank Erik Wedge for his unwavering support.


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