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who we are

Andy Styles, Andrew Cameron, Andy Sacker

52, 48, 47

United Kingdom

their journey

Andy Styles was looking for his next challenge after completing an epic unassisted trek from the coast to the South Pole last year, so when he decided on the TWAC and he needed to find team-mates for this rowing, he looked no further than his crew from his 2013 North Pole adventure, Andy Sacker and Andy Cameron.

None of them had any sea or rowing experience at the time of signing up for the challenge, making it a challenge of a lifetime!

their charities

The research that Bowel Cancer UK do is actively making a difference to the people who are diagnosed every 15 minutes.

Barnardo’s reaches the UK’s most vulnerable children. Your support allows them to be innovative and brave in tackling the most urgent issues faced by disadvantaged children.

The Joliba Trust supports grassroots development work with farming and cattle-raising communities in some of the most marginal areas in Mali. Their particular focus is on projects to help women and environmental work to sustain rural livelihoods.

team activity

Below you will find all the latest activity from this team’s social media pages and blogs.