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Jason Caldwell

Matthew Brown

Angus Collins

Alex Simpson

United States

their journey

A veteran ocean rower once commented that out on the sea, experience is king. Latitude 35 couldn’t agree more, and with more than 230 days of ocean rowing experience between its four members, the crew plans to leverage the many successes and failures experienced in past races to produce an efficient row this December.  Latitude 35’s multi-national team, comprised of two Americans and two Britons, have amassed over 15,000 miles of ocean racing, across both the Indian and Atlantic in the past three years.

Their charity


About The Headstrong Project

Headstrong Project provides confidential and cost free treatment for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffering from the hidden wounds of war.  In partnership with Weill Cornell Medical College, one of the Nation’s leading mental health care centers, Headstrong Project developed an effective, individually tailored comprehensive treatment program for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Addiction Treatment; Anxiety & Depression; Trauma, Grief and Loss; and Anger Management. Headstrong currently serves the New York Metro area, San Diego/Riverside County, Houston and Chicago, with plans to expand to Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.Learn more at


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