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who we are

Rory Buchanan, Harry Wentworth-Stanley,

Toby Fenwicke-Clennell & Sam Greenly

United Kingdom

their journey

Harry, 26, hails from Milland in Hampshire but now lives and works in London as a Chartered Surveyor.

This challenge is in memory of Harry’s brother James, who took his life in 2006, aged 21. Since his parents founded the JWSMF, Harry has searched for a fitting tribute to James – both to make him proud and to support the work of his parents. Rowing the Atlantic was the answer.

Rowing is in Harry’s blood, his father Nick having rowed for Great Britain as a youngster.

Sam was born and raised near Andover in Hampshire and is a keen sportsman. After graduating from Leeds University, he joined the British army and commissioned into the Scots Guards.

Toby grew up in Essex and now lives and works in London as an Investment Director. He’s an avid sportsman and a seasoned charity fundraiser, raising over £7000 taking part in the Great North Run, as well as organising White Collar Boxing events whilst at Newcastle University.

With his father having rowed at a similar age, Rory has the sport in his blood. Despite winning gold medals over 3 years rowing at Radley College, crossing the Atlantic will be a different proposition altogether for him and requiring different motivations, which he finds through his sister Louisa who has struggled continuously with depression for over ten years.

their charity

James Wentworth-Stanley took his own life, aged 21, on December 15th 2006.

Like so many young men and women who choose to end their lives, James had so much to live for. He was bright, good looking and charming, a keen sportsman with a large and loving family, a huge number of friends plus a myriad of interests and dreams for the future.

James had no history of mental illness nor depression. Ten days following a minor operation, James’ decline from being his normal, happy self to being anxious, depressed and ultimately suicidal was rapid and those close to him were unable to appreciate the severity of what was happening.

The James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund has been set up by James’s parents to help raise awareness of anxiety, depression and suicide amongst young people and to tackle the terrible and shocking statistic that suicide is the leading cause of death amongst young men in the UK.

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