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who we are

Daryl Farmer


United Kingdom

his journey

Daryl was born in Merstham, Surrey, and has always been an active and keen sportsman. Over the years he has completed The Marathon des Sables (150 miles, Sahara desert), The Jungle Marathon (140 miles, Amazon Rainforest), and covered around 1000 miles in various marathons and ultramarathons.

In 2014 he headed to Monterey, California, to attempt a solo row to Hawaii. Unfortunately, despite a monumental amount of effort and support, he was faced with an ocean state and weather conditions that were impossible to beat as a solo rower and he had to cut the attempt short.

His charities

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) is a front line rescue service to help people who find sick, injured and orphaned wildlife across East Sussex. Every year WRAS receives between 2-3,000 calls for help.

Earthrace Conservation documents conservation missions such as anti-poaching and habitat destruction. It conducts training and runs local campaigns.

team activity

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